Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Make a Tiered Terracotta Tower

I found this on Lowes website. A free cute project but make sure you have a free day to work on it.

You can find the tools need, supplies and instructions here. Below are my photos of the process.

My supplies
Drilling holes in 2 of the saucers took the longest amount of time.
Go slow!
Cut my dowel rods to size. At the same time I started step #4 and cut my poplar to size.
When drilling your holes into the ends of the rods MAKE SURE you are drilling straight.
I did not pay attention to this too much and had to go back and redo some work! :/
Wrapping the twine. What a sticky mess!
Find the center of your cut poplar and drill a hole. Then squeeze some glue on it
and line it up with the hole of you biggest saucer
Thread your screw through
Now place a little glue to your washer and place it on the end of your dowel.
I also placed a little glue on the saucer.
Tighten the screw into the dowel.... but not too tight!
Using your pliers, screw the dowel screw halfway into the top of the rod.
If I did this again I would move this step up a few. I think it would be easier
to screw the dowel screw in while the dowels not attached.
Thread the 2nd saucer through the dowel screw, add a washer and tighten the 2nd dowel.
Now you can see why it's so important to drill the holes correctly into your dowels.
I had to disassemble and redo some work after this.
Finally, glue your smallest saucer on top
Add some leftover twine to your small pots
Once the weather warms up, fill your pots
with flowers or make it an herb garden.

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