Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Christmas Tree for under $25

This year I've heard several people say they're not putting up a Christmas tree or even decorations. WHAT!!!! It's not Christmas without a tree folks! It's a must! So after digging out all my holiday decorations I remembered I hit up a few sales after Christmas last year and found a little mini tree on sale. Below is a faster, cheaper and much easier way to "put up" a Christmas tree this year.

Mini Tree
Metallic Spray Paint
Glitter Spray
Mini Ornaments
You can usually find these for under $10.
Especially if they're on sale or you have a coupon.
I wanted a silver tree with lots of sparkles. So I used a little metallic paint. It's best if you stand a
couple feet away from the tree and pulse your finger on the spray nozzle while continuing to move
around the tree. This will help from getting a streaky look. Then cover the tree with spray glitter.
Ready for all my decorations. These all cost
a couple of bucks each at a local store.
I love bells! I've had these three bells forever. I'm not sure
where they even came from.
But with some metallic paint they're a perfect fit!
I took a tip from cake decorators. Wrapping the ribbon while hot gluing was much easier
with it up on a pedistal (ie. a large wine goblet).

Get to decorating!

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