Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Engagement 'Announcement'

I wanted a way to remember my engagement. With a few items I came up with a cute idea.
It started with a cute engagement card and the ribbon from
the ring box. I grabbed a frame (found it at Goodwill for a
buck!) and some scrapbook paper.
I love this card!
Cut my scrapbook paper down to the correct size
I had some spray paint laying around (I believe the color
was Almond). I wasn't too worried about getting a good,
even coat. 1. It was cold out. 2. I wanted a rough look.
Sanded down parts of the frame to expose the wood
I cut down the card and added the date of our engagement
Punched two holes at the top for the ribbon
Tied a bow... which I found is not a strong skill of mine
Add in the frame. I used some double sided tape to hold up
both the bow and the tails so they didn't fall into the writing
Now we'll have something to remember our engagement!

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