Saturday, January 14, 2012

Treat your body right!

Everyone starts off the new year making resolutions of working out and eating better. Personally, I'm anti-new-years-resolutions. If you want to make a change in yourself or your lifestyle do it today. Having said that... 6 days into the new year I learned I have thyroid disease. Uncanny timing but I realized it was time to change not just my diet but my lifestyle too.

Do yourself a favor, if your doctor diagnoses you with something, DON'T GOOGLE IT! You'll end up with more questions than answers not to mention the stress and worries.

Not to sound like a hippy but with a slew of family and friends, and myself believing in correcting ailments through natural methods I've started looking into not only an all natural and homemade diet but also other products. So I take it back, Google thyroid disease, what can cause it, what foods not to eat. Here's a small list of what you'll find.

 Higher Risk of having Thyroid Disease
  • You have a family member with a thyroid problem
  • You or a family member have another autoimmune disease
  • You're female
  • You've just had a baby
  • You're near menopause or menopausal 
  • You're a smoker
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Overconsumption of isoflavone-intensive soy products, such as soy protein
  • An overconsumption or shortage of iodine in the diet can also trigger some thyroid problems. 
  • Overconsumption of uncooked "goitrogenic" foods, such as brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnips, radishes, cauliflower, cabbage and kale
  • Surgical treatments for thyroid cancer, goiter, or nodules, in which all or part of the thyroid is removed
 Foods not to eat
  • broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cassava root (found in tapioca), cauliflower, lima beans, maize (corn), mustard, peanuts, pine nuts, sweet potatoes, soy, soybeans, turnips
  • Unsaturated fats such as flax, soybean, safflower, corn and canola also should be avoided.
  • Avoid foods high in cysteine - red meat and eggs 
Take a look at those lists... it's a little scary especially for us ladies. And the no-no list of foods?! Broccoli and corn are my fav veggies! I drink soy milk because I'm lactose intolerance. And while I'm more of a chicken girl, I absolutely love eggs for breakfast and the occasional juicy steak.

Now, this is just a list of natural FOODS you such avoid.... what about all those packaged and processed foods, the chemicals you clean your counter with, the soup you wash your hands and clothes with???? If all these natural foods can affect my body how are all these other products hurting me? Hence my decision for not only a diet change but a change in many everyday items I use.

Pinterest has helped me start this change. Visit my Homemade Products board for several ideas. Call it a New Years Resolution... call it a change in my life but I will change the products I use. Notice there was no 'I'd like to' or 'I plan to' in that sentence. I will change my life and so should all of you.

Below are a few items I plan to start with. Please let me know if you have an all natural recipe you'd like to share!
Crazy Craft Bug
I hesitated to post this recipe because it calls for a can of tomato
paste. I'll try to find directions for making all natural tomato
paste so we can skip using the can.
Homemade bagels? OK!!!
DIY Natural
Check this last website out for a number of instructions and recipes for DIY products.

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