Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter Art... with a twist

The alphabet letter art is huge right now. I wanted to create a more personal one with my soon-to-be new last name! ;)
I realized how light the H and M are once I stepped back and
snapped a photo. I'll have to go back and redo those.
I took pics of some of our important items
W - Our first engagement gift! A large W to display
O - The logo from my Christmas boots Jason bought me. I love them!
O -  I kept a charm that was from the first wedding Jason and I went to.
D - From our WorlD Series tickets from 2011. Go Cards!
H - Stole this image from my Beach Table.
A - From one of Jason's National GuArd bags.
M - Go Mizzou! Jason's favorite college team.

From a previous project I had an extra board and an extra dowel
rod. I purchased a smaller size board to glue to pictures to. I
cut them down to 4x4 inch squares and also cut the dowel rod at
varying lengths.
WEAR EYE PROTECTION! I'm not sure if I didn't have a good
hold of the rod when I was cutting or if there was a bad spot but
my saw kicked this piece up at me. Luckily there was no injury!
Let a piece of Steel Wool soak in Apple Cider
Vinegar overnight. Then scrub your board and
let it dry. Instant aging
I used Contact Cement to glue on the 'nubs'
but eventually I switched to an epoxy. I was
afraid the contact cement wouldn't hold the
weight. It was soaking into the wood too much
Missing a photo here but I printed out my pics and
glued them to my 4x4 pieces of wood. I then glued
the 4x4s to the nubs.
Almost done!
I drilled two holes (equal distance from the sides)
in the top of the wood
Screwed in two eye hooks
And thread some twine through. I went back
and forth 3 times but that adjustable.
Ummm... back to work. Need to fix
the H and M. It'll drive me nuts otherwise.

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