Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring's coming!

A high in the 70's... in St. Louis.... in the middle of February??? I'll take it! And it was a perfect day to finish my Spring Wreath!
Makes me feel warmer just looking at it. Can't
wait for more warm weather!
A wreath; your choice of yarn; flowers; a decorative item (I
selected some pearly beads), and I decided to use some
leftover burlap to hang the wreath.
I wanted to stagger my yarn so I marked off where I would
change colors. I made mine even but making them uneven
would be a nice effect too.
I started wrapping the yarn around the wreath and used my hot
glue gun but you can also use fabric glue.
1st round done.
I went back around each color to cover any uneven spots.
Add in your flowers and beads
Attached your burlap and hang!

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