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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Upcycling a Wine Bottle to a Plant Nanny

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***Sorry for the delay in my blogging! I've been away. But I have a helpful travel tip for you all***
As I prepared to leave home for 3 weeks I needed a way to keep my plants healthy. I'm aware of the Aqua Globes and a few other watering solutions but I needed something that would last at least the first week or so {unfortunately I know for a fact that my plants can all last close to 2 week without watering... sometimes they're not high on my priority list.}

Here are a few options from Amazon.
Aqua Globes
Aqua Cone
I recalled seeing a wine bottle used for watering during one of my many searches for ways to recycle bottles. I read a few articles where bloggers created their own plant nannies from bottles but they all said the water was gone within the first day. I needed something with a little more time release effect. So here's my own solution.

I put my thinking cap on.... I grabbed a few extra bottles and corks. I drilled a small hole using 1/4 inch drill bit into the corks.
Filled up the wine bottles with water and pushed the corks back in. Next I thoroughly watered my plants {this will help keep all the water in the bottle from rushing out to feed your thirsty plant}.
I dug a little hole in the dirt and shoved them in upside down of course. I used two bottles for my ficus tree just to make sure it would have enough water.
I think I might just leave them in there. My plants seem much happier this way!

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  1. wow great idea I'm so going to try this thanks for sharing

  2. Great is definitely worth a try!

  3. Hi, love the creativity! My hubby suggested that for smaller plants you might be able to use a soy sauce bottle with the stopper thing in and not have to drill any holes. I haven't tested this yet, but though I would pass his idea on. =)

    1. Awesome idea! I actually thought about the individual serving, mini wine bottles you see at the store but I think they have a screw cap not the cork.

  4. that sounds good for individual indoor plants....but gotta adjust for outdoor beds

  5. I'm going to use this outside! Thanks!

  6. I love this idea! We are planning on being gone for vacation in October and I was wondering what to do about my balcony plants...this may be the solution! :)

  7. A plant nanny - cool name!
    Great idea that I never would have thought of!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  8. Thank you so much for linking up to last week's Tuesday Confessional. You've been featured and Pinned so come on over and grab a brag button!

  9. Replies
    1. My ficus tree (in the picture) had 2 bottles and lasted for 4 weeks.

  10. I just saw this one Hometalk. I am so excited; I finally have a use for my barefoot, flip flop, beach house, sea glass wine bottles!! Great idea, thank you so much for sharing! I'm doing this today.

  11. im going away for 2 weeks vacation and i can't thank you enough for your tutorial you just save my precious garden !

  12. Did you actually mean a 1/4 inch drill bit or just a 1/4 inch drill? What was the actual size of the bit? (1/4 inch bit is the largest a 1/4 drill will take.)

  13. Love the idea! And I'm going to be making some. For smaller plants, I think beer bottles could be a good substitute....don't have any beer so I don't know if the wine corks will fit properly or not.

  14. You can buy single beers with corks in them, just go to a specialty liquor store.

  15. Great idea...I will try this for sure for my deck plants. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Great idea...I will try this for sure for my deck plants. Thanks for sharing.


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