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Thursday, November 7, 2013

4 Affordable Ways to Add Character to a Dull Room

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Please welcome my guest, Tali Wee from Zillow. Tali's here to discuss how to spruce up your homes on a budget. Take a look at her suggestions. Fresh paint or a few new accessories can make a world of difference. And without further ado, here's Tali!
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Moving into a larger home can be a major adjustment for new homeowners who are accustomed to the square footage of condos, apartments or townhomes. Spreading out into a home and settling in without landlord restrictions can be exciting, but also exhausting and expensive. While renters might feel settled in a day or two in their new apartments, homebuyers might take years to transitions their houses into homes. The costs associated with buying a home and paying a mortgage add up fast, generally depleting any spare cash to spend on furnishing the extra space in a new home.
Without maxing credit cards to feel settled, homeowners can add character to their bare rooms by incorporating these four techniques.
1. Set the Tone by Painting
Homeowners can restore the look of a room by simply adding a bit of color to the walls. A fresh coat of paint completely alters the personality of the room. Clean lines make it appear tidy, while a light hue makes the room feel larger and a bright tone creates a playful energy. Do-it-yourself (DIY) painting is inexpensive compared to other home upgrades or hiring a professional. Depending on the quality of paint used, a homeowner can complete this project for around $50. They’ll need a gallon of paint, painters tape, a standard paint brush and roller. Once the basics are purchased, homeowners only spend about $20 per new project. 
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2. Enhance Texture with Rugs
Besides the burst of color provided by paint, homeowners should consider warming up their rooms with rugs. A rug over hardwood floors provides a dynamic texture and contributes to the comfort and luxury of the space. Although oriental rugs can cost thousands of dollars, homeowners on a budget can find great deals on throw rugs from $30 to $80. The less expensive rugs don’t last as long, but come in a wide variety of colors, textures and designs. 
If the room is carpeted, consider fresh carpet with stylish shag or opt to remove the carpet and finish the hardwoods. To restore the hardwoods, DIY-ers need a sander, mineral spirits, paint brush and oil-based finish or base coat sealer and water-based polyurethane (approximately a $75 project for a room).
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3. Build Charm with Architectural Molding
Nothing adds character to a plain room like classic millwork. Homeowners can add their own crown or base molding to a room to complete the look and warm up the space. Basic crown molding on a 10 by 10 square-foot room might cost $80, plus the charge of renting a saw to properly cut the angles and a nail gun to install the boards.
Other architectural moldings that liven up dull rooms are wainscoting, faux ceiling beams, archways between rooms and built-in cabinets and bookshelves. The price for such improvements varies dramatically on the size of project, the quality of materials used and whether homeowners do the work or hire contractors.
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4. Add Flair with Accessories
Lastly, homeowners should shop around for fashionable accessories to gradually fill the rooms. Peruse garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and Craigslist to get free or inexpensive items such as lamps, shelving, artwork or vases. Own any extra pillows? Purchase fresh fabric and sew new covers for revitalized throw pillows. Purchase a large mirror and position it opposite to a window to provide more natural light and make the space appear larger. Pick up some candles and plants to add a nice scent and a bit of life to the dull room. In a short time with a few dollars spent here and there, the space will fill up and feel personalized.
Zillow Digs ™
Color, texture, woodwork and stylish accessories transform a dull room into a comfortable living space that feels like home. Don’t let a shortage in excess funds or a frugal lifestyle prevent a room from its welcoming, charming potential. 

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  1. My guest room was looking so dull, so I thought to paint it. However, after having paint the room gets little better. Then I planned to polish the furniture’s and made some changes in the room, and the result of doing this turned my room into best.


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