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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Airplane Valance

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So the hubby's out playing army again which means... ART TIME!!! :) This project and post are long overdue. The was supposed to be a welcome home gift for the hubby last summer and I've been dragging my feet forever. Finally it's done!

1x12 inch wide board ~ cut the length to fit your window or door
1x4 inch board ~ cut the length to fit your window or door
4 L Brackets
White Paint
Curtain rod and cups

You could go out and buy one from Pottery Barn for $300 or you can make your own for about $30

Start by cutting your boards down to size. I trimmed a couple of inches off the ends of my 12 inch board {those will be your side pieces}. If you want the same vintage look my boards have follow these instructions from my other Window Treatment blog.
Choose your image. I went with an A10 Warthog. It's the hubby's favorite. Follow my directions for an Image Transfer.
Screw all your pieces together to create the valance.
I like being able to see the edges with the dark stain.
I bought a rod and these little cups. Attach them to the sides of your board. {Sorry for the blurry pic}
Now the tricky part. Hubby's gone so.... how do you hold a board up, level it and screw it into the wall? Well, I had a little help. I used our extension ladder to hold up one side while I screwed in the other side. It worked perfectly!
Here's a pic of how I attached the valance to the wall. I screwed the 4 L Brackets into the top of the board and then into the wall.
Before... {didn't really go with my Bedroom Cottage theme}
And after!
Now I just need to decorate the shelf on top!
Coming soon I'll have cute curtain ties to go with my Cottage theme.

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  1. You're so artistic! Haha! Who would have thought that you can integrate art with window treatments? Your work was totally mind-blowing! How about a huge craft ship? That would really be a challenge for you! How did your hubby react when he saw your riveting window treatment? ;)
    Roxie Tenner @ Allure Window Treatments


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