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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas decor

After my last blog and showing all the Christmas decor, I thought I'd show a little of my own.
A few years ago I found some mini prelit trees. My
candy canes and wreath add to a warm welcoming.
Garland and lights up the stairs with some of my older stockings.
Love my little reindeer with his acorn necklace. Special shout out
to Bethany Bear for her creativeness!
My first stocking
This year I decided to go with all white and silver. I love how elegant it looks.
Unfortunately I created my gumball wreath before my blogging days.
To make one of your own is simple though. Send the kids out in the yard to grab
a bagful of gumballs. I grabbed a vine wreath from the craft store and started hot
gluing them on. Once I covered the entire wreath I sprayed with silver metallic
spray paint. Tack on a bow and you're done!
Love bells! I have to put them everywhere!
Another easy (and inexpensive) idea. Throw some pine cones and
potpourri in a basket.

Our stockings were hung with care. No mantel so I have to make do.
Even the little fur-babies, Nate and Nadia have their stockings.
And with gifts already inside!
Candles, candles, candles! Add fake snow to your votive for a wintery feel.
Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how flame retardant the snow is....
You may want to keep an eye on those candles.
Another easy project, create your own Christmas centerpiece. A tray,
a few candles, snow and whatever small Christmas decorations
you have laying around.
I threw in some leftover ornaments, a few bells and a couple of light bulbs.
Not sure what to do with those ornaments that lose their tops?
Throw them in a bowl! Here's my Bowl of Fun. How happy does this look?
Throw any leftover ornaments or those missing their tops together.
I found some leftover ribbon I had to do something with so I
wrapped up our sliding door. Definitely need to find a bigger
bow and maybe something else to spruce it up.
A friend gave me this pot with a mini Christmas tree a few years ago.
As you can see I've kept the pot... the tree didn't survive. :/
But it makes for another easy project. Grabbed a handful of acorns
from the backyard.
What do you get when 2 thirty-year-olds move in together?
Two of everything, including Christmas trees. That's ok though.
The more the merrier!
I love the sparkly ones!

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  1. What are the "gum balls" you use on the wreath?

    1. Gum balls are the little spiky guys that fall out of the trees.


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