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  1. HI - love your site and your work. I have recently tried Mod Podge to transfer an image to a chalk painted piece. I left it 24 hours and as I was removing the paper I saw that the mod podge was visible and as I rubbed it away, the ink went with it. I read that I needed to use inkjet printer which I did. I sulked for a day and then tried a different method: using the chalk paint as a glue. I tried it on a scrap piece of wood. Magic. It worked beautifully. I then tried it on the table I originally failed with. And the same failure occurred. Could it be that the table is too smooth? I really don't understand why it would work on scrap wood but not the smoother wood. Same paint but different color is the only other variable I can think of. Ugh!

    1. Interesting Caroline... Sorry to hear about this. I honestly haven't tried the transfer on to chalk paint so I don't have much experience. I'll do some research and see what I can find out though.

    2. I'm not finding a ton out there but here's a couple of links that may help. Maybe you can find another method that works?


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