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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Removing Wine Labels

No, unfortunately I don't have a new project to show... but I do have a great tip for removing those stubborn wine labels!
It still took a little bit a work. Some labels are harder to get off than others but here's the secret.... the next time you're making dinner and using your oven, throw in a few wine bottles after you're done cooking. Let them sit in there for about 10 minutes and the labels will be peal right off... most of them anyway. I used the back off a butter knife to scratch off a few labels. \

After letting some bottles soak in my tub....
.... and still no success, this is the best method I've found so far.

Please be careful when doing this. Those bottles get hot fast! I used an oven mitt and a towel and sometimes they were still a little too warm for me to hang on to. Also make sure the bottles are completely empty of any liquid. You don't want to have it boiling up inside a bottle only to pull the bottle out of the oven and pour steaming liquid on your little toes.
And out of about 2 dozen, I did have one that just shattered on me. You should probably wear some eye protection. Luckily I heard this one cracking and set it down before it completely broke in two.


  1. I realize this is an old post, but after I read this (and tried it myself) I realized something that would prevent breakage- put your bottles in the oven as your pre-heat, that way they heat up gradually. Glass doesn't like sudden temperature changes, so this might help.

  2. I've found that the best thing for label removal is citrus (or orange) oil. It quickly eats away at the adhesive so you can easily scrape it off and then washes clean with some dish soap and hot water.

  3. As a person that bottles wine at home and reuses many bottles, here is a tip. Go to your local brewing store or online and find a product called "Straight A" Cleanser. It is pretty inexpensive, environmentally safe and works amazingly. 2 Tbs in a gallon of warm water and let your bottles soak. They will peel right off. No broken bottles, and no danger from hot glass. Things like Goo Gone are just a mess and leave an oily residue. I highly recommend this method.

  4. Put your wine bottles in a big bucket or tub and spray with Goo Gone, let sit, spray again until labels are soaked. Start peeling!

  5. WD-40 and "goof-off" are my arsenal for removing labels! WD-40- the kind you use on squeaky doors- will get most of them off. If they doesn't work, use "goof-off" (not "goo-gone", it's a different product.) Both of these kind of stink, and goof off will ruin a manicure, so wear gloves and do it outside if you can. But it will get every speck off your bottles!!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Sounds a little more summer-friendly with the temperatures starting to go up!

  6. Hey I got a great video showing how to easily remove labels and glue residue here:

  7. Really its a good idea to represent wine bottles in an very efficient way.

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  8. Try some ammonia in the water. That will dissolve the bonds in the glue. Frequently the label will just float off after a 30 minute soak. 

  9. We have lots of wine bottles and I'm thinking of making them as a decoration in our living room. I'm going to paint them with gold. Thanks for the tips.



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