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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Twigs and Twine... the culprit has been identified

Some of you may have read my Twigs and Twine blog and remember how one of my adorable fur-babies destroyed took creative liberty with one of my projects.
I had a hard time trying to figure out who ruined my sticks. While terrified of the 3 lb Pomeranian next door, Nadia (my chocolate lab), is usually oblivious to my yelling, finger pointing and stomping. So the fact that I have a picture of what looks like her sitting proudly by her "work of art" well.... sometimes she's just ignorant.

And then there is Nate. Typically well behaved but he has been known to get into his fair share of trouble. Unfortunately for me he has learned that this Puss n Boots-pouty face gets me every time.
So who did it? Well I think I found the answer today. I was gone several hours having lunch with my mom for Mother's Day and then completed a little craft shopping (yes, a scary situation to let my mom and I run loose in a craft store but we did a very good job... the key, don't get a basket/cart, it'll limit what you can carry). I came home, let the dogs out and after several minutes of this crazy behavior I finally realized the culprit....
Dogs are just suppose to fetch their sticks, right? Keep in mind, she was running around, eating sticks before I started video taping and throwing them for her. I have no idea what's made her so angry at all the sticks in the world. But I think this the only proof I need.

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