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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Help me decide my wedding dress style!!!

WEDDING DILEMMA! With our wedding quickly approaching {a little more than 4 months left} and with my tie-breaking-decision-maker {my soon-to-be-hubby} not available to consult on this matter, I'm pulling out my hair. I'm debating, mostly in my head, between two different dresses. Here's the run down...

The Wedding: We're having a destination wedding in the fall... can everyone say Jamaica!? ;)  We're having something simple with about 30 close friends and family. My number one priority: I want everyone to have a fun vacation... including the bride and groom. And let's face it, if the bride ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, right? So no fuss, no anxiety, no tears {other than happy ones}.

My Style: I remember when I was in my early teens and my grandma asked if I was going to get married in a t-shirt and jeans so I'm sure she'd be shocked to hear I'm struggling between 2 different dresses! Yes, I'm typically in jeans and some kind of comfortable shirt not necessarily a tee. And while I'll drool over a great looking shoe, my feet prefer flip-flops. So simple... comfortable... that's my style.

The Situation: I headed to a dress shop with a girlfriend the other day. Going with the norm, I selected a simple dress with a style I've always felt complimented my body type; an A-Line Halter dress. This one even had a decal with a some bling to spruce it up a little. Then at the suggestion of my friend I tried on a "fancy" dress. I figured I'd play along and let her see me in something big and poofy.

THE PROBLEM: I wandered into the dressing room to slip on this dress for 2 minutes to humor my friend.... I didn't even have it zipped up and I was pretty sure I fell in love. The material was the biggest hit for me as weird as that may seem. No matter how "simple" looking some of the other dresses were, when you're wrapped in silk or satin with a cathedral length train {or close to it} it screams "Look at me in my fancy dress". Not very 'beachy'. But this is a cotton dress and it looks very similar to linen which is what my groom plans to wear. And surprisingly light and airy. So the dilemma; do I choose Dress A {the halter} or Dress B {the "fancy" dress}? Do you pick a dress based on what you have always worn or is this the day to do a little something different?

By the way, because I can't ruin the surprise for my #1 fan {thanks honey} these are not the actual
dresses. I quickly sketched out a few that are similar. But the actual style doesn't really matter.

Which dress style should I pick?
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