Spoon and Fork Vintage Artwork

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Ready for some great vintage artwork for your dining room? Mine is finally done! .... well, I don't have it up on my wall yet but I have another art project that will go with it. Can't wait for the final reveal!
Otherwise you could buy one from Linens-n-Things
For $106.99
2 boards the same size
Newspaper or Phone book pages
Mod Podge
White and Brown paint ~ or whatever color you prefer
2 Images ~ Found mine at The Graphics Fairy

Start off with your boards
I had 2 MDF boards leftover from another project. They're a
little heavy so you might want to go with plywood of some kind.
Grab your phone book {you know you don't use it anyway} or an old newspaper and start crumpling several pages.
This will give your board some texture
Use your Mod Podge {Elmers glue could be used too if you don't want to use your precious Mod Podge ;) }
How much you crumple them and lay them is up to you. If you 
smooth them out you'll have minimal texture. The more pages
and crinkles there are obviously will give you more texture.
Once your glue and paper have dried, add a layer of paint
I ran out of my white paint and ended up using some other
leftover paint.
Once your white paint has dried, grab your sandpaper and get to sanding. The glue will have harden the paper and the peaks of the wrinkles will rub off. Do some extra sanding along the sides too.
I had some big patches fall off during sanding. You can see one
here towards the top left corner. I continued on leaving these
spots as there were but as I got towards the end I thought they
were a little too distracting. I would repaint these spots with white
and resand before continuing on if this happens to you.
Create a "glaze" with your brown paint. Just dilute the paint with quite a bit of water. Paint over your board and wipe away excess. Repeat this step until you feel you have the right color.
On the edges I didn't dilute the paint as much and didn't wipe
it away as quickly so they were a little darker
I found this image on The Graphics Fairy. I separated the spoon and fork and then stretched the images out to the length of my boards
Vintage Kitchen Clip Art
Print them out on a laser print
Line up where the image should be
Grab your Mod Podge again and paint a layer where the image when go. Rub the image with your finger. I don't think using a brayer is necessary for this project. You'll end up flattening your texture.
I wouldn't recommend using your Glossy Mod Podge for this one
Typically with an image transfer I would try to leave the paper on for 24 hours until I'm sure the Mod Podge is completely dry but I didn't want the image to be perfect... this is suppose to be vintage. So I only left the paper on my board for 5 minutes or so and then pulled off the paper.
I used a wet paint brush to go back and pull up some of the
paper left behind. Don't be too aggressive when trying to peel
up the paper, remember you have a thin layer of paper
underneath your image and don't want to pull that up too.
Here's an image of the fork after I pulled up the first layer of paper
Again be careful when peeling up the remaining paper
Here are a few closeups

You'll notice, especially with the fork, that there are several of the patches I mentioned earlier. This is when I went back and fixed them. I also decided to add in some wording. I printed the words out and traced them on the boards.
The white spots are my touch-ups. Once dry I went back over the
spots with the brown "glaze".
I then went back with some watered down brown and painted the letters.
I started painting "Menu" hopefully that will make the outline
easier to see
Here is a closeup of Cafe
And finally they're ready!

Stay tuned to see what other project goes with them!

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  1. This is absolutely incredible. What a process! So much fun detail went into these...to make them fabulous! Would be delighted for you to link up with us over at Mop It Up Mondays: http://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2012/06/mop-it-up-mondays-21-with-give-away.html


  2. I never would've thought to paint over the crinkled pages. Great idea. I haven't had any luck yet with transferring images - too much always peels off. Ugh. Your project looks great!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I was nervous about doing the image transfer onto paper put it worked out just the way I imagined. Stay tuned, I'm going to put together a tutorial for transferring images. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love this and cannot wait to try it. I am adding you to my blog list!

  4. Love this! Did you use a finish of any type?

    1. I didn't add a finish but it might not be a bad idea if you feel like the paper might be too delicate

  5. Love how this turned out and it's a great tutorial too! I actually did this same paper technique on a hall wall in my house but I used wallpaper glue and white tissue paper. Then I went over it with stain. Everyone who came to my house commented that it looked like leather or suede walls. But it was the same technique. Found you via a blog hop and am now a new follower!

    1. Ohhh... great idea. Texture on the wall. I love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. A beautiful knock-off project! Those big-box stores charge waaaaay to much for their decor. Yours is just as cute, if not cuter!

    1. They do and I hate. Luckily I grew up with a creative mom who would always say, don't buy that, we'll just make it! Perfect!

  7. love the process you used to get this charming effect!

  8. This is so cool!! And to think we just threw out a phone book last night and the garbage man already came and went!!! I am featuring today at my party, opens at 2, EST. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Does it have to be laser print? If I use normal inject printer, will it work?

    1. Ashley, I've never had any success using inject printers. The image using tends to run when you use the mod podge and water. Then it starts to look muddy.

  10. Hello there. Your project looks beautiful! I wanna try this for my class board. :) May I know what type of paint are you using? Is it the house paint or acrylic paint or..?

    1. I believe I used acrylic but I don't see any reason you couldn't use any other kind of paint. As long as it's water based so you can add the water to create a glaze.

  11. Lovely! You're so good at making beautiful things :) -Mika

  12. OMG! Becca, I love this! You did an amazing job! I'm your newest email follower.
    Thanks for the invite to Friday’s Five Features! Would you mind if I featured you and the silverware artwork on my blog?

    1. Go for it! It was created last summer so as long as you don't mind an oldie! Thanks for swinging by, checking out my posts and the party!

  13. Wow!! These look great, Becca! You did an amazing job.

    Thank you for linking up to Throwback Thursday!


  14. First of all, I just have to say I love, love your blog's design. And I am so going to do this spoon and fork artwork. Thanks for the tutorial. I just hope mine comes out as lovely as yours.

    Oh, yeah, I got carried away - thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursday. I'm finding so many neat projects!

  15. Becca, They are crazy good. Your's are much prettier than the store bought ones. I'm wondering what you will use to hang them?

    Thanks so much for sharing on Throwback Thursday!



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