Stump Side Table

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Want a side table for your patio that doesn't cost a fortune? Here's a natural one for you and it's cheap! Just walk out into the woods {buy some bug spray first!}
Or you can buy one.....
West Elm ~ $199

A stump ~ choose your own size.
Sandpaper ~ 100 and 220 grit is what I had on hand
3 Hex Bolts ~ I used these as the feet ~ 5/8" x 4"

Start by finding your stump. My fur-babies and I drove out to my mom's place in the country and found the right size stump.
I didn't want one too large to carry. This one was also fairly
level (I evened the top out with by adding the feet). 

Grab some chisels and hammer and get to work chipping off the bark
If your stump is rather old most of your bark with peel off easily.
Once I had the majority of the bark chipped off I grabbed my 100 grit sandpaper and started sanding. When most of the major bumps were smoothed out I switched to the 220.
Ready for the next step
This is an optional step, I wanted the table to be a little taller. And as I mentioned I wanted to level the table out a little.
I found the center of the stump and measured out
for the 3 feet so they were all equal distance.
Drill your holes
And the killer.... Screw the hex bolts in. 
It took a lot of arm strength for me and I don't consider myself dainty.
Grab your level, this is where you can adjust
your feet so the table top is level.
Here's the fun part, get creative. If you don't want natural wood, paint it! I decided to add a personal touch. {Sorry Mom, I stole your idea}
I sketched my idea on and then got out my wood
burning tools
Then SEVERAL coats of polyurethane. You're ready to go!
I love this side of the stump with the knot and
different colors and textures
Planted a few new flowers to go with my new table
I'm thinking I'll be spending more time on the deck now.
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I love this! I've been wanting one for my home as well. I'm going to have to go 'hunting' for one soon in the woods :)

  2. Take my advice... spray yourself down with some kind of bug spray! Ticks are terrible this year. My pups and I learned the hard way. :(

  3. love this!! thank you for sharing! I collect wood..logs, branches, twigs etc. I am always searching for creative ideas.
    I spray a small amount of bug killer then wait a week before I begin.
    I also always coat it with clear protector.

    1. Great idea with the bug killer! Duh, why didn't that occur to me. ;)

  4. How long does the stump need to sit before you can sand it and stain it? I found one that came down in a storm last week and the wood is not dried out, will it still work?

    1. I would at least wait until it's dried out. At least a week or more. I think trying to sand and chip away at wet wood will just lead to a disaster. :/ Patience... always hard. ;)

  5. Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.


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