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Friday, June 8, 2012

Vintage Clock

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I've been wanting a HUGE clock forever. Finally I made one!
Check out how I did!
Or you could buy one from Ballard Designs
Wall Clock ~ $229

18" Circle Pine Board
Paint ~ Brown & White {I used acrylic}
Elmer's Glue ~ If you want a crackle finish
Clock Making Parts ~ I found one at Hobby Lobby. $20 and I used a 40% off coupon
Images ~ Numbers and any other images printed in reverse {I used Word to create my Roman Numerals}
Mod Podge

Both images were found on The Graphics Fairy
Vintage Eiffel Tower
Print your images on a Laser Jet printer. I used an Ink Jet printer the first time and had to start over. My images all turned green
French Ephemera
 Start with your circular board.
Read through the instructions to your Clock Making Kit.
You'll want to find the center of your board and find out how large of a hole you need to drill for your clock.
Paint your board brown
This will be the background color
Once dried, cover the board with Elmer's Glue. When it starts to get tacky cover the board in white paint.
I learned this crackle technique from Make The Best of Things
Wait for your paint to dry and it will start to crackle
Pretty cool!
I worked on my design layout
You can see here my original images were on the Ink Jet.
Not as dark as the Laser Jet makes them
Cover the area with Mod Podge where your image will go. Place it face down {it will actually be the right way when it transfer to the wood}. I gave the Mod Podge 24 hours to dry.
Wet the paper until you can see the image
Then its time to rub off the extra paper.
Don't rub too hard. This is a long process. But don't worry if
a little of the image comes off. It'll look a vintage this way
I take it in stages. I peel a little paper off at a time, let the paper dry a little and then come back at wet the paper some more.
You can see my stages here: The red circle is the 2nd round
at peeling. The yellow circle is the 1st round. You can tell
after it dries a little where there's more paper to peel.
You're almost done!
I love how well the details came out.
A closeup of the Eiffel Tower
These are the Roman Numerals I printed out from Word. 
I believe I used Birch Std Regular for the font
 Add on your clock parts
Follow the instructions from the package
Put in a battery and set the time.

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  1. EXCELLENT! I have been wanting to do this, myself, as well. Now I have the confidence to repeat your steps with perhaps my own choice of french design - just to be different! Yours is beautiful and you have placed the roman numerals very well.

    Mary in Oregon

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mary. Let me know how your clock turns out!

  2. What a great idea! You should be bragged on:)

    Thanks for sharing the technique!


  3. I love this!!! fabulous! Where do you find circular boards that large, I feel like the ones I see in local craft stores are always much too small

    1. You should be able to find them at a hardware store in the lumber section

  4. Excellent website, congratulations for what you're doing here.

  5. I love clocks! This is great! :) I am collecting vintage clocks and I've always wanted to make a clock of my own... -Mika

  6. Those images look fantastic, I love antique clocks!

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