Easy Ties for your No Sew Curtains

After creating my No Sew Curtains I felt like they looked a little drab and wanted to spruce them up. I decided to use some burlap to tie them back and added in a little whimsy with fabric roses.
Fabric ~ whatever color you choose or have on hand
Fabric Glue
2 Small Hooks
2 Safety Pins {Not pictured}
Decide where you want your curtains to tie back. Screw a hook into each side of your door/window.
Measure the distance for your hooks. You don't want one side sitting
2 feet higher than the other side. ;)
I decided to keep up my blinds and not really have my curtains be functional. So this next step may need to be slightly different if you would like for your curtains to close. For mine, I simply cut about 2 feet of burlap and tied it in a knot around the drapes. Another option would be to use some velcro so you can have functional ties that are easy to remove.
The burlap will easily thread through the hook and stay in place
Next step, creating your rose. I'm not coordinated or nearly talented enough to make the rose AND take pics for you to follow along so I'm passing you a simple tutorial I found that was very helpful. Prudent Baby's No Sew Rolled Fabric Flower. I made a few alterations when it came towards the end though.
Continue along with the tutorial until you have a couple of inches of the tail left
Fold in the corners of your tail and secure with fabric glue. It should look like a 'V'.
Obviously it doesn't need to be pretty
Dab glue on the center of your rose. Grab a safety pin and hold it over the middle. Fold the tail back over the pin and into the glue.
Let your fabric glue dry and now your ready to pin the roses to your burlap

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  1. Great tutorial Becca. Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday.

  2. These are really very sweet…….there is no any doubt that these does not provide beauty to the house….

  3. Where can I get a roll of burlap like the one pictured here? :)


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