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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bath Redo!!!

So you may have noticed that throughout the fall my blog was pretty quiet. Yes, I was preparing for a wedding but my wonderful husband also thought it would be a great time to redo a bathroom. :/
It all started with some plumbing issues. Luckily I have a home warranty that covers the plumbing... however they don't cover redoing any tile work. Tell me how that makes any sense? Regardless the old, yellow tiles needed to come down.
From herein "we" refers to Jason and I... but mainly Jason. :)
And as most home improvement projects go, once we pulled the tile down, we had to pull the wall down, and then realized the insulation needed to go as well.
So we got to work rebuilding. Adding insulation and boards.
My job... holding the boards in place
I've heard a lot of couples say they will NOT do home improvement projects together. I won't lie, we definitely have our spats, but with a goofball like this who wouldn't have fun?
Next we applied a sealant... actually, first I opened the gallon bucket of sealant and accidentally dumped a rather large quantity of blue sealant over my beige carpet. :/ {Surprisingly it came out}
The sealant turns dark green once it's dry
And then finally we could tile... and tile... and tile. We thought using 12 x 12 tiles would go quickly but somehow it did not.
After numerous cracked tiles, sweat, tears, broken bits and more time than I care to admit... the bath was finally done.
Once it was all done we successfully:
  • removed the old tub and brought in a new tub through my narrow staircase 
  • reworked the plumbing for the new tub 
  • extended the shower {so taller folks didn't have to do a back bend to wash out their hair}
  • added a curved shower curtain. I love these, they make the shower seem so big
We both said we would wait a year before our next remodel project.....

we've already started planning to redo the kitchen. ;)

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  1. That looks like quite the project for you guys, very well done! It looks totally great.

  2. Great job Becca - Tiling is never a nice job for most. Hehe


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