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Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY No Sew Pillow

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You all know I'm a fan of No Sew Projects. I completed my no sew curtains and a no sew pillow. Well here's another no sew pillow and with this one the only tool you need is an iron....

Start with a pillow {found one at Goodwill for $1} and a piece of fabric. The fabric should measure 3 times the width and height of your pillow.
Fold the top half down
To eliminate seeing the edge of the fabric fold a few inches up and iron a crease
Fold bottom piece up over pillow. Try to have your crease hit the middle of the pillow
Next fold in the edges to the middle as if you're wrapping a gift. Iron edges again
Fold edges over and loop
If you have enough material you can create a knot. Otherwise tuck in ends.

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