DIY Custom Monogram Wooden Placemats

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A quick weekend project! Ready to spruce up your dinner parties? Make your own custom placemats. You just need a few supplies.

{2} 1"x6"x6' boards
Pocket hole jig
{24} 1" pocket screws
Wood Glue
Felt Squares
E6000 Epoxy
Stamp or stencil
Paint for letter
Finishing wax

Final size: 6 placemats at 11" x 16"

I cut my boards down to size, 16", for a total of 12 {two boards per placemat}
 Next I lined up the boards two by two and drilled pocket holes into opposing sides.
 Before screwing the boards together, I put some wood glue in between the boards.
 Now I screwed the boards together with my pocket hole screws.
I wanted some cushion for the back of the placemats so I bought some felt squares. They cost a whopping $.25 or so.
I used the Epoxy to attach the squares to the backs
I stacked them up and weighed them down with a heavy board until the glue dried.
Next I sanded down the tops and sides
I printed out a 'W' in a font I liked and traced it onto the boards. A stencil or stamp could be used and would be easier.

I painted in the letter on all the boards
Ready for their wax coat. I used Minwax Paste Finishing Wax
And they're ready! Now... if I can just decide on a kitchen table design to build..... Check out how to make the Spoon and Fork Artwork on the wall.
I wanted the placemats to have a natural, clean finish. Hopefully, one day, I'll build a table and the two together will look fantastic! :)

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***While I'm thrilled to share my step-by-step directions, the good and the bad, these are intended for your personal use. I'm always happy to hear and see what my bloggers have been working on. BUT a lot of work goes into these creations and while I have no issues sharing so you are able to create the work for your precious homes please understand that selling an exact duplication of my designs is highly frowned upon. :( Please always be considerate of another artists work. Thank you!***


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