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Well, it's taken me a little longer than I thought it would to finish my next project, my coffee table. I'm so EXCITED for it to be completed. In the meantime though, I've been finding new(-to-me) decor to go with the coffee table.... and for the rest of the living room.
$6.00 at Goodwill
Not only was this lamp a pretty good price but it proved my fiance's love for me. While he's off playing army we try to Skype as much as possible. We happened to be Skyping the afternoon I purchased the lamp (before I had a chance to work on it). So with a straight face I held the lamp up to the web cam to show my latest purchase. He smiled, paused and said "Well, that's great babe." I wish I could have kept going but I had to laugh. He was willing to let me bring this lamp with clouds and hot glued leaves on the shade into our home as is! (If you're wondering about his taste, it's actually pretty good. He was quite relieved to find out I would be doing on a little work on it)
I already had a lamp shade on hand so with a
couple coats of black spray paint I had a brand
new-to-me lamp.
I found this canister out in our garage
I'm not sure what it is but it does make
a nice side table.
I used rope and instructions from a video on YouTube.
Look up Monkey Knot and you should find instructions.
This same item is sold on for $45!
I usually grab a book or two while in Goodwill. Here's a
stack full I've been collecting for a while now just waiting
for the perfect place to put them. Once I finish my coffee
table they'll have a new home! They usually run about
$1-3. I think one of these I might have paid $4 but still
beats your bookstore prices.
My grandparents gave me this plant... unfortunately
I stopped into a craft store after leaving their house
on a hot sunny day. To say the least it was not very
happy by the time we made it home.
It seems to be doing well now
Another Goodwill find!
$4! What a steal!
And here are a few upcoming new additions!
I found these tiles on clearance at Lowe's for $.33
each. Transformed them into Custom Coasters.
More twigs???..... no, these are actually small trees. I spent the weekend
out in the country at my mom's and we were able to find two fairly
straight 6 foot trees. My plan for them? Check out my No Sew Curtainsand Window Treatment to see how I used them.
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***While I'm thrilled to share my step-by-step directions, the good and the bad, these are intended for your personal use. I'm always happy to hear and see what my bloggers have been working on. BUT a lot of work goes into these creations and while I have no issues sharing so you are able to create the work for your precious homes please understand that selling an exact duplication of my designs is highly frowned upon. :( Please always be considerate of another artists work. Thank you!***


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