Toilet paper Holder

I finally nailed down my Twigs and Twine culprit but I still have to play detective to find out who's ruining my toilet paper rolls! I feel like I live with a cat. I have to close every bathroom door or someone decides to have a little fun. So I decided to make my own toilet paper holder. One bathroom down.... 2 more to go. :/
Ummm where's the toilet paper hiding...
I don't think I'm a very picky person but I enjoy good toilet paper... in other words, it's one of the few items I will absolutely splurge on to buy good quality. I don't enjoy having it ruined.
How in the world does a dog do this? I can't get more than 2
squares rolled off before it breaks!

After creating my Beach Side Table I thought it would be cute to stack extra toilet paper on the bottom shelf. This bathroom is on the main floor and is used most often when we have guest over..... but because of my precious fur babies I'm down about $100 for unused/destroyed toilet paper. Grrr
This is what I come home to if I don't close
all the bathroom doors
Rope ~ I had some leftover from another project but bought another one. 50 yards for $7
Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
Start by coiling the rope in a tight circle adding the hot glue as you progress along
Honestly, this was the "hardest" part. This project is simple
Continue to add glue and rope until you have the diameter you need {the width of a circle for those of you who are geometry-challenged}.
Obviously for this project I used the width of
a toilet paper
Once you have your width, start gluing on top of the rope, instead of the outside, to build up the sides
From there just continue to build until it's as tall as you want
I wanted this to be the height of 2 toilet paper rolls
I ran out of rope and switched to a new strand. No biggie.
The only thing to watch here is sometimes the end of the rope will curl.
Make sure you hold it in place until the glue dries so it doesn't curl in.
Cut the rope when you've reached your desired height.
Same issue here. The rope will try to curl in so hold it
in place until the glue dries
You're ready to go!
The best part... no waiting! Hot glue cools so
quickly and there's no paint. It's ready to use
Now if the dogs start chewing on this.... we're going to have some issues.
Maybe I'll make a 2nd or 3rd one....


  1. To be honest enough I rather enjoyed reading the mischievousness of your fur babies!!!!! My dogs do these stuff all the time....


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