Wood Embroidery ~ Landscape Scene

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My first stab at my own wood embroidery design! Pretty simple and small but just wanted to play around with it a little. 
Let me tell you, the type of wood makes ALL of the difference! Don't go with the cheap stuff. 
My Colorful Moth project was such a struggle to drill all the holes. Having this Basswood made all the difference. 
Easier to drill through, a much softer wood, but less splintering and slipping of the drill bit. 
Of course, I had to start with the new fav stitch, Turkey Stitch. I used this to create some grassy texture. 
Stitches: French Knots {flower center}, Woven Wheel {pink flower}, Raised Leaf {dark green leafs} and Stem {flower stem}
Stitches: Stem (outside of leaf} and Back {inside of leaf}
Stitches: Woven Oval {Purple flower} and I'm still looking for the name of the orange flower {someone message me if you know!}
Stitches: Woven Oval {blue flower} and Raised Leaf (bird flying}
Quite the collection starting: Wood Embroidery Colorful Moth, Wood Embroidery Landscape, Blue Butterfly Needle Painting

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***While I'm thrilled to share my step-by-step directions, the good and the bad, these are intended for your personal use. I'm always happy to hear and see what my bloggers have been working on. BUT a lot of work goes into these creations and while I have no issues sharing so you are able to create the work for your precious homes please understand that selling an exact duplication of my designs is highly frowned upon. :( Please always be considerate of another artists work. Thank you!***


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